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Hello. I am Suki and I love cats and I'm ten. I hope you enjoy my funny cartoons, stories, animations and more. With help from my seven year old sister (Amaya) we have created Flippy and Sparkles, the Adventures of Snailcat and more!

As my friend Lily and I protested high on the steps of the Capital Building protesting about climate change I loved the attention and I thought about how I could change the world with a poster and a microphone! Click the link to see the Tallahassee Democrat article about us!

Flippy and Sparkles all started when Amaya and I were playing with our toys in the car. I had a toy butterfly fish named Flippy: Flippy is kind and sensitive and always wants to help. Amaya had a toy unicorn named Sparkles: Sparkels is sassy and at first thinks Flippy is a gross creature from another planet.

Snailcat finds a home.

Watch for more adventures of Snailcat coming soon!